LIRIP Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

LIRIP is a peer-reviewed journal published annually by the University of the Philippines Diliman Extension Programs in Pampanga and Olongapo. The publication serves as a forum for interdisciplinary studies dealing with a broad range of issues and problems that are subject to careful analysis reinforced by well-researched evidence or to creative interpretation translated into literary essays.


Julieta C. Mallari, Ph. D. (Editor-in-Chief)

Victorio Sugbo, Ph. D. (Associate Editor)

Hilana T. Roman, M. S. (Associate Editor)

Cynthia Grace Suguitan-Sanguyu, M. A. (Copyeditor)


Susan Ballyn, Ph. D. (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain)

Michael Newton, M. A., M. Eng. (The University of Warwick, UK)

Yasue Arimitsu, Professor Emeritus (Doshisha University, Japan)

Ayelet Peer, Ph. D. (Bar Ilan University, Israel)

Susanah Lily Mendoza, Ph. D. (Oakland University)

Vol 3 (2020): LIRIP Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

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