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Vol 21

A stylised version of Vuhus Island, Batanes, Philippines by M. de Surville. Taken from the article by Valientes, Figure 2 (p. 7).


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Vol 20

The gold mask that was uncovered in Oton, Iloilo from Victor Estrella’s article on p. 24



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Vol 19 (2014)

A bottle of Chamberlain’s Pain Balm from Melodina Sy Cruz’s Article on p. 34.


Hukay: Volume 18 (2013)

Vol 18

On the cover:

Ground floor plan of Structure A, Figure 16 from Angelus Maria P. Sales’ article on p. 15.



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Vol 17

On the cover:
Mixed tools from Gullukho, Figure 9c from Babul Roy’s article on p. 90.


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Vol 16

Spanish ruin in Barangay Poblacion, Opol, Misamis Oriental. Photo by Dennis Almazan.


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Vol 15 (2010)

Decorated red‐slipped rim sherd with white inlay, Figure 5 of Balbaligo’s article (this volume).


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Vol 14

Reconstructed deer left mandible, Figure 6 of Piper et al article (this issue).


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Vol 13

The top view of the Sagel Cave, Figure 3 of Cuevas and de Leon’s article (this issue).


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Vol 9 (2006)

On the Cover: Some of the human skulls from the archaeological site of Guyangan, Banton Island, Philippines. Photograph by  J. C. L. Medrana and Myra Lara.


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Vol 8 (2005)

In the Cover: "Digitalized Wall"

Working on a series of "visual instruments," these microgeologic elements of the landscape and macroaerial views generate immense complexity through the repetition of very simple pixilated features, giving emphasis on the language of the Earth's surface.

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Vol 7 (2005)

Map of Mindanao Island with a highlight on Cagayan de Oro's artefact finds


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Vol 1, No 2

South view of the Kay Daing Hill Site  (Courtesy of Arnulfo Dado)

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